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Challenges of tax/finance function

  • No standard report available in ERP to analyse complete purchase data for GST compliances
  • Lack of GST analytical tools to cover entire ERP data health-check from GST compliances perspective
  • No clear view of tax information in summarised report/dashboard
  • Voluminous transactions 10+ lakh accounted annually.

How our tech enabled managed services addressed the challenges?

  • Pre-developed ERP data extraction programmes were deployed on company's ERP
  • Company's ERP extracted data uploaded on analytical platform using cubing technology
  • Pre-defined GST rules applied by the analytical platform on company's entire ERP purchase data and identification of dataset being exceptions to GST rule
  • With the exception reports, company could get visibility of purchase pattern for taking corrective action from a GST compliance perspective.


  • Immediate access to over 40 standardised indirect tax analytical tests to examine the information gathered
  • Data visualisation and reporting tools to allow easy refinement of output and PAN India dashboarding/visibility
  • Assist during GST Annual returns to cross check any purchase related non-compliances (e.g. beyond 180 days payment related ITC claim etc.)
  • Exceptions lead to improved decision-making by identifying expensed out input tax credits and missed GST liability reporting on reverse charge applicable transactions.

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