We help brands drive their innovation agenda for growth and resilience.  We help the organisations navigate fundamental shifts in their strategy, positioning, culture, processes, offering and brand experiences. We do this by developing brand strategies aligned to the brands vision and empathic understanding of the consumer. We help build their innovation capability and build an ecosystem of growth. Our wholistic approach and processes are driven to produce meaningful results. 


Our 6P approach to innovation

  • Purpose – Defining the purpose of the brand and assignment
  • Persona – Empathic understanding of the key stakeholders and insight generation
  • Promise – Setting goals that are desirable, feasible and viable
  • Possibility – ideation and co-creation of approach
  • Personalisation – the differentiated experience/ritual which makes it special to the brand and customer
  • Prototyping/testing/feedback/improvements and roll out. 

Our engagements have improved brand experience/customer advocacy, build future blueprint/resilience, driven profitability through differentiation in service offering, improved the adoption and effectiveness of processes, created a culture/ecosystem of innovation with shared purpose. 

With years of expertise in the field of innovation, our strategists and consultants are fully committed to driving returns on innovation. We have the experience of having delivered over 150 + tailored training assignments, over 200 + innovation consulting assignments and created over 20 + brands. We have driven innovation across multiple sectors, in both B2B and B2C segments. 

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