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With digital disruption fundamentally changing the way organisations operate, Global Business Services (GBS) model is evolving to deliver a much broader value proposition beyond cost arbitrage. The evolution is enabled by adopting a customer centric approach, recalibrating the service delivery models, leveraging digital plug and play platforms and attracting top tier talent and further the innovation and transformation agenda.

The GBS construct is now evolving towards an integrated/strategic model focusing on objectives beyond cost arbitrage, involving outcome-oriented governance, demand driven delivery model and play the role of business partners driving transformations and enhanced business value through data and insights.

Our achievements

GBS leadership

  • Deep GBS experience with over 60 GBS initiatives over the past several areas

Strategy through implementation

  • Full lifecycle approach and over 20 years of experience

Among the best

  • Independent advisors capable of running with a range of multidisciplinary initiatives

India has an ecosystem favourable for offshoring owing to cost arbitrage, large talent pool and government support’

Potential benefits of a Global Business Services model

The following are the potential benefits your organisation can expect by following the Global Business Services (GBS) model:

  • Better alignment with overall business and digital strategy and growth agenda of the company
  • Globally integrated approach that can improve visibility, control, and risk management aspects of the organization
  • Better cost optimization and operational efficiency on a global level across various functions and business units of the organization
  • More integrated organization because of end-to-end processes and accountability
  • Better analytics and insights for better decision making from cross-functional, enterprise-wide data
  • Develop and incubate new digital ways of working for the enterprise-wide digital transformation
  • Become a dynamic organization that is agile and flexible to respond to changes in the business environment and business needs
  • Ability to become a source of new talent and develop the workforce needed for the future

What we can do for you

KPMG in India is the leading Shared Services and Outsourcing/Global Business Services Advisor in India. Our experience spans across multiple industries and functions for both, multinational and domestic companies.

We can help you in your evolution and transformation journey across strategy, design, implementation, and optimisation phases. Through our deep expertise and experience supported by our proprietary tools and frameworks, we work with you in realising your strategic objectives.

India has a lion’s share of SSCs/GBS centers across the globe employing over 1 mn. people

Our services

  • Feasibility assessment including preparation of a business case
  • Sourcing model assessment
  • Location assessment
  • Process improvement and automation opportunities identification
  • Support function scalability
  • Business due-diligence support for outsourcing requirements
  • Service provider contract migration, value assurance and health check
  • Service provider strategy review
  • Growth strategy for outsourcing providers
  • M&A target identification
  • Support function scalability.
  • GBS implementation-transition management
  • Design, implementation and stabilisation for niche COE managed services
  • Service management framework implementation
  • Insourcing/Re-insourcing
  • Build-Operate-Transfer of operations within GBS
  • Outsourcing service provider selection including end of term support
  • Programme and change management
  • Vendor management office- implementation
  • End of term support for contracts.
  • Service delivery detailed design
  • Chargeback model design
  • Target Operating Model design
  • Vendor Management Office- Design
  • Service management framework design
  • Shared services build
  • Deal pursuit assistance.
  • GBS Value Delivery Framework implementation/perception
  • Benchmarking-Operating model, Performance management, Sourcing model, operations costs etc.
  • Maturity assessment diagnostic
  • Operations improvement
  • Cost optimisation
  • Workforce productivity management
  • EBITDA improvement
  • Pricing model review and optimisation
  • Benchmarking-Operating model, performance management, sourcing model, operations costs etc.
  • Maturity assessment diagnostic.

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