From hedge fund to physical commodities, global events of the past year have had a startling impact across the asset management industry. Market volatility, asset class shifts, new swathes of corporate debt, and entry into a recession with an indeterminate end require expert navigation.

How can Asset Management Advisory help you?

Our Asset Management Advisory business is uniquely positioned to support you in managing risks and seizing opportunities of today, tomorrow, and beyond.  We will co-ordinate the global reach and resources of our firm directly into your boardroom to help you navigate Brexit, COVID-19, and more. Your C-suite will receive the support of an evolving advisory relationship.

Our C-Suite Advisory business is built on providing excellent advisory services to each of the three main pillars of the asset management industry — managers, investors, and service providers.

Those that manage

We focus on those who manage assets, whether that be hedge, private equity, venture capital, real estate, trade finance, or physical commodities. We care that our management clients receive practical, precise, and powerful advice when it comes to the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) of your firm and that this is delivered directly into your senior executive team. We aim to partner with you at every stage of your firm’s evolution. We are committed to investing senior resource access to all Asset Management Advisory clients.

And we will evolve with you as you grow.

1) From concept to emerging manager

We will help to guide you from your initial concept, right through to launch by advising with a practical and economically weighted touch on issues such as:

  • Vendor Selection
  • Corporate Governance
  • System and Controls
  • Due Diligence Processes

2) Emerged and evolving managers

Once you are over the initial launch process, we aim to continue to support your C-Suite throughout the myriad of operational challenges that you now face, both practically and strategically.

Are you looking at distributing into the US or Middle East? Perhaps you are considering adding product in the form of UCITS or 40 Act? We will help you with the impact assessment of launching new business lines and scaling existing ones appropriately in a fluid regulatory environment.

3) Established and larger managers

As one of the largest professional services firms in the world we work with many large global asset managers. We can provide support in breadth and depth commensurate with the size and scale of your firm at any size. Leveraging our global network, we can help you face any operational or strategic challenge head on.

Those that invest

We are a solutions provider for a large range of clients from single family offices through to the largest local authorities and endowments. The ERM challenges faced by those that invest are common in many cases to those that manage.

Our ERM offering for allocators is enhanced for the specific challenges faced by those that allocate to Alternatives. We have a particular focus on custody, financing and enhanced operational due diligence.

Those that service

From our unique position as a professional advisor to such a broad spectrum of entities across financial services, we are well placed to help service providers to make key strategic decisions around product development and market delivery. Backed by the resources to help deliver a project no matter what size — from the small to the very large.

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The Asset Management Advisory team is always at hand and welcome the opportunity to discuss your asset management requirements to find the appropriate solution for you.

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