Global food supply chains are facing increased scrutiny from consumers and regulators, and are still subject to some major emerging trends.

The Irish food industry has been a global leader in food governance and its brand is world renowned and synonymous with quality. We believe that the Irish food industry needs to continually invest in innovation and governance to ensure it remains a market leader and gains access to new opportunities.

Responding to new demands around sustainability, transparency, regulation, food security and other emerging trends is essential for competitiveness. However this investment sees food organisations adding layers of new complexity to the supply chain and increased costs of doing business.

How KPMG can help

The KPMG Food Governance and Assurance team is a dedicated cross-functional team of experts which helps food organisations with supply chain governance. We provide a specialised, holistic approach to managing food assurance. The team brings together a wide range of disciplines including technologists, sustainability practitioners, legal professionals, customs and taxation specialists and assurance professionals - to help food organisations to enhance supply chain governance and thrive in the new world.

It’s a total solution that can be tailored for any food company across the supply chain, anywhere. In this context, our services include:

  • monitoring and mitigating risks across brand reputation, regulatory and operational risks, emerging risk, consumer incident support and issues simulation
  • structuring crisis management strategies against brand, financial and reputational damage
  • improving the technological and data processing capabilities to establish robust assurance processes
  • understanding key drivers of customer experience, brand and product expectations
  • developing and implementing brand, marketing and customer-centred strategies.

Whether your organisation is best in class, or needs investment in the supply chain, we have the knowledge and people to support you for what's next. The end goal is for food assurance and business performance to be one and the same – inextricably linked by a strategy, culture and an operating model that drives brand performance by putting safety, quality and customers first.

Download our Food Assurance brochure for more (PDF).

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