Asset management is a core component of the world’s financial system – linking those with capital to those that require funding. However, with increased significance comes increased scrutiny. As such, regulators have expanded their supervision of the asset management sector, with a focus on governance and oversight, fees and charges, and financial stability (e.g. liquidity and leverage).

How can we help?

KPMG’s Asset Management Regulatory practice is a market-leading expert team of professionals with supervisory, legal, audit, and industry backgrounds. We understand how a changing asset management sector adds to our clients’ workload, and how challenging it can be to shift a firm’s response to these changes from a reactionary fire-fighting position to a proactive forward-looking perspective.

Our services ranges from large scale back-book remediation projects to regulatory implementation plans and helping firms look to the regulatory horizon ahead. 

Regulatory analysis

We have worked closely with Chief Executive Officers, Chief Risk Officers, the Heads of Legal and Compliance and other senior managers to ensure the functions they oversee are operating in line with regulatory expectations. We have undertaken in-depth reviews and analysis of Client Assets Requirements, MiFID II, UCITS, AIFMD, CP86 and more. We present clear and concise regulatory advice and our suggested next steps have enabled our clients enact effective change programmes within their organisation.

If you are planning to review your current approach to regulatory requirements or planning a regulatory change programme, you can trust our track record and rely on us for support. The extent of our assistance can be matched to your needs: if you need someone with you every step of the way or simply someone who can pick up the phone and answer your regulatory questions as they come up, we can provide the support you need. 

Supervisory engagement

The Central Bank of Ireland’s approach to supervision is evolving. As a result of this, we see more firms come to us for assistance with their Thematic Review, Risk Mitigation Programme or upon receipt of an Investigation Letter. From a position of full and transparent supervisory engagement, we have senior team members to advise you in the strictest confidence.

As Ireland’s leading ‘Big Four’ consulting practice, we have successfully guided several clients through remediation exercises and we can offer a number of solutions depending on the needs of the client, from advising on a clients’ remediation programmes, seconding staff to assist carrying out any remedial work or preparing our clients for meetings and interviews with the regulator. 

Forward looking

Our clients value our subject matter expertise and forward-looking approach to the regulatory landscape. We excel in providing highly tailored and timely updates on upcoming regulatory change to our clients. We have helped clients successfully implement Irish, European and global regulatory requirements and we continue to look ahead to help our clients prepare for what's to come.

Who can we help?

If you are an Asset Manager, Fund Management Company, Fund Service Provider or Investment Firm operating in Ireland or intending to, our team is ready to help you with your regulatory needs.

New and growing firms

If you are a firm looking for authorisation as a result of relocation or expansion, you will have peace of mind by working with a team who has successfully brought clients from the initial application, through to engagement with the regulator to ultimate approval.

We have helped newly established and existing growing firms obtain regulatory authorisation in Ireland and in the UK by assisting firms through applications for authorisation and the business expansion process. 

Established firms

Firms already operating in Ireland have benefited from partnering with us to develop robust regulatory frameworks, be it for governance, conduct, or regulatory reporting. A well-built regulatory framework is a vital tool to help firms manage and meet its day-to-day regulatory obligations. We don’t follow the “one-size-fits-all” approach, instead, we’ll spend time with you to understand your business and build a tailor-made regulatory framework that works for you. By partnering with us, you can be confident that the solutions we bring to you are grounded in deep regulatory knowledge and established best practice. Our team is as comfortable undertaking a full analysis of your regulatory compliance as we are with providing targeted and focused regulatory advice.  

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Talk to us about how we can help. In our experience, every firm has a regulatory conundrum waiting to be solved. We aim to deliver practicable solutions and value for money, no matter how large or small the question might be. We’re happy to engage with any stakeholder to discuss and propose the ways we can provide assistance.

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