Financial Instruments accounting continues to respond and adapt to the changing circumstances of the global economy, including the effects of market uncertainties as well as issues that affect corporates and banks alike such as interest benchmark reform.

Practical issues usually arise in many areas in association with financial instruments and derivatives, which are generally related to measuring and accounting for derivatives and hedge accounting, as well as disclosures and necessary calculations for financial instruments. In particular, the current period of extreme market volatility highlights the importance of making relevant and reliable valuations available.

Given the complexity of the topics, responding to these issues requires appropriate expertise. KPMG has extensive knowledge and experience advising clients on financial instruments matters, including managing hedge accounting programs and assisting with valuation services. Our global reach means we're constantly following new developments in every region, and we can show you how the current market conditions will impact existing frameworks and advise on the implementation of new ones.

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KPMG Financial Instruments team offers technically sound, commercially focused, independent valuation services for specific client needs. Whatever phase of the hedge accounting compliance process you are in, KPMG can act as your trusted advisor, offering guidance and insight along with technical expertise and proprietary tools created specifically for hedging. Our team will help you to understand the requirements of the financial instruments standards as they relate to your company.

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