Infrastructure is one of the building blocks of both our society and our economy. However, the pace of change, the impact of technology and the need for sustainability, as well as cost control and the best funding options can pose real challenges for those responsible.

Meanwhile, population growth, the delivery of public services, communications and how we transport people and goods around our island at a time of immense change create real challenges and indeed opportunities for those responsible.

Where people live and work and the services they access are vital for Ireland's future. However, our public services are under pressure and organisations who deliver these services are facing resource constraints, increasing demands and diverging needs.

KPMG helps organisations face these challenges. We work across central and local government, healthcare, education, housing, justice and infrastructure – as well as the private and charity sector – to help clients find better ways of working. We are actively involved in helping governments and organisations in delivering on policy objectives to make Ireland a better place now and into the future.


How can KPMG help?

We work with a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors on various projects of differing size, scope and complexity. By combining valuable insight with hands-on local experience, we can help address the challenges you face at any stage of the project life-cycle; from strategy and planning, to construction, operations and hand-back.

  • We develop Public Spending Code compliant business cases in order to help you understand the underlying economic impacts of a potential project or programme.
  • We advise on funding, procurement and capital structuring; underpinned by the necessary regulatory framework and governance structures. 
  • We support the public sector in running a fair and transparent procurement process.
  • We help private sector bidders in preparing and pricing for a winning bid. 
  • We ensure project delivery and develop operational models to help day-to-day project management and monitoring, ensuring project delivery is on track – to time and budget.

With KPMG, you can have confidence that you’re partnering with the best team in the market, with unrivalled experience, insight and commitment. We incorporate the latest global thinking on infrastructure development into our uniquely tailored for Irish circumstances support and provide best practice advice to help you to drive value for money.

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