Verizon is focused on keeping people, businesses, and things connected, and the company’s CFO knew his dispersed team needed to better serve the business. His group would play an important role in shaping the company’s future, with a goal of building a world-class organization – one delivering both strategic decisions to maximize shareholder value and efficient, effective, and customer-centric global services. And he wanted to do it all while developing future leadership that could readily navigate an ever changing telecommunications landscape.

The challenges were daunting. After years of mergers, thousands of finance employees were decentralized, worked out of several hundred locations, and used outdated IT systems. Operating costs were high and inflexible. So calling KPMG was the right move. Our innovative approach, deep experience with organizational transformations, and tenacious delivery helped the finance group restructure and build long-term strategic value for the business and its employees while reducing its operating footprint by 60 percent.

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