KPMG firms offer technical and implementation support for every stage of the journey to universal health coverage.

KPMG firms offer support for every stage of the journey to universal health coverage.

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Universal healthcare (UHC) is a marathon, not a sprint. Success is achieved by many, many steps along a consistent path, any one of which can hinder or accelerate the journey.

Working alongside you, KPMG teams have the capabilities to advise on and implement change whatever your stage of UHC progress. This includes demand-side reforms such as designing coverage and payer structures, modelling the costs and economic effects of different benefit designs, negotiating with providers and securing the necessary IT infrastructure for enrolment, claims management and patient records.

We also believe strongly that success requires simultaneous focus on supply-side transformations among healthcare providers. KPMG teams can help to drive new models of ultra-lean care delivery across a system, reorganize pathways of care, reform payment models, and help you locate appropriate sources of investment to expand care capacity where it is most needed.

That said, even the best designed systems will likely fail without dedicated implementation and buy-in from stakeholders across the healthcare system. Throughout all of these stages, our teams of local and international professionals bring a track record of realizing clients’ visions, and coordinating each component to deliver the promise of ‘health for all’.