Strengthen user trust and streamline your internal operations with a robust and integrated risk and compliance program

Maintaining user safety and demonstrating compliance with the oncoming wave of regulations is challenging for online platforms, even big ones. Our regulatory compliance framework is designed to help you streamline, harmonize and effectively govern regulatory compliance requirements so you can focus on responsible innovation and delivering value to your users.

Our framework helps you track complex and potentially contradictory technology regulations, confidently govern compliance, effectively assess and manage risk, design and govern controls, and centrally manage reporting and audits.

A holistic, structured and transparent approach to compliance and risk mitigation will help you to ride the wave of oncoming technology regulations to turn the disruption into a competitive advantage.

Grow your brand as a trusted technology platform

Safeguard innovation and confidently launch new products with efficient, effective, and accountable compliance and risk management strategies.

Reduce burden on legal, compliance, and engineering resources through converged and harmonized approach to multiple regulations with clarity of roles and hand-offs.

Increase user trust and transparency through consistent regulatory response and reporting.

View trust as an enabler

KPMG firms’ clients include technology firms that are navigating the tradeoffs between responding to regulatory requirements and mitigating systemic risks and protecting the fundamental rights of users. This includes technology providers such as social media companies, online platforms, and hosting services, search engines, apps, gaming, and ecommerce companies. KPMG professionals work across organizations with Legal, Risk and Compliance, Trust and Safety, Internal and External Audit, and Product/Engineering teams.

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