Dispute Advisory Services

Dispute Advisory Services

Offering robust, independent, practical advice to assist with the successful resolution of disputes.

Dispute Advisory Services

Disputes are an inevitable byproduct of doing business. With globalization comes cross-border, multi-jurisdictional disputes. The volume and complexity of regulations, coupled with the growing costs of resolving disputes, uncertainty of outcomes, and lengthy proceedings are all litigation-related challenges facing organizations today.

As disputes arise, it is important to gather the critical facts, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's position, and develop a plan to settle or prevail. Cross-border disputes can involve complex economic, financial and technical issues as well as multiple languages, client locations and applicable laws and standards. Litigants with a command of the issues and a sound assessment of each side's position can achieve better outcomes, whether in settlement or in litigation. That is where KPMG's Dispute Advisory Services can help. 

To help achieve the business goals of settling where possible and litigating where necessary, so as to reduce the potential adverse financial, reputational or operational impacts, KPMG firms lend their expertise, offering robust, practical advice to assist iwth the successful resolution of disputes.

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