The KPMG Financial Crime Academy is a comprehensive suite of learning modules aimed at equipping KPMG firms' clients with the necessary tools to effectively manage their financial crime risks. This innovative training and education academy offers a range of digital learning packages that cover various aspects of financial crime, including the fundamentals of Financial Crime, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC), Fraud, and Modern Slavery and its connection to Financial Crime.

The modules are carefully designed to establish a strong foundation for employees, regardless of their level or role within the organization. By incorporating relatable and realistic case studies, as well as interactive and engaging scenarios, learners are immersed in situations where they are required to make decisions and witness the consequences firsthand. The emphasis is not only on raising awareness and knowledge but also on instigating behavioral changes.

The KPMG Financial Crime Academy goes beyond traditional training by focusing on practical application and driving meaningful transformations in behavior. By participating in these learning modules, organizations can empower their workforce to proactively identify and address financial crime risks, fostering a culture of vigilance and compliance. Prepare your workforce for the challenges of combating financial crime by enrolling in the KPMG Financial Crime Academy today and transform your organization's approach to risk management.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with the KPMG Financial Crime Academy as we delve into the fundamentals of financial crime. In an era of heightened focus on prevention, this detailed module empowers employees at various levels with strong foundations in identifying and reporting financial crimes. By enrolling in this module, you'll unlock actionable insights, grasp potential risk indicators, and acquire the skills to effectively mitigate and report crimes within your organization.

Explore key areas such as different forms of financial crime, their societal impact, crime detection and prevention, and the power to make a difference. Engage with relatable case studies and interactive scenarios that foster a renewed perspective, unveiling your pivotal role in combatting financial crime. This flexible and engaging module integrates into your busy work schedule, enhancing convenience without compromising effectiveness. Invest your time wisely and contribute to the ongoing development and growth of your team, while simultaneously helping boost retention and drive behavioral change.

Immerse yourself in impactful videos, interactive PDFs, enlightening webinars, dynamic e-learning modules, and interactive virtual classroom sessions. Spanning approximately 3 hours, spread across six engaging learning activities, this module offers an immersive and empowering educational experience.

Contribute to the ongoing development and growth of your team while striving to make a real difference in the fight against financial crime. Enroll your organization and strengthen your defenses against growing threats now and in the future.

Enhance your customer experience and mitigate risk by implementing efficient customer due diligence (CDD) processes with the KPMG Financial Crime Academy. This detailed learning module focuses on CDD activities and is designed for customer-facing employees in institutions subject to CDD and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Gain a deep understanding of your role in performing CDD and insights into detailed procedures used to assess the risk customers pose.

The learning module goes beyond compliance training, offering flexible, fully digital learning with interactive and engaging case studies and scenarios. Develop key behaviors like professional skepticism and curiosity crucial for effective CDD execution. The expected outcomes include actionable insights into the CDD journey, identification of potential risk indicators, reduced complacency, reinforced messaging, ongoing development for your team, and renewed perspectives on CDD implementation. Covering the vital role of CDD in anti-money laundering programs, the course explores customer onboarding, ongoing monitoring, and staying vigilant for suspicious activities. The module uses relatable situations to influence behavioral change, incorporating impactful videos, podcast-style audio conversations, interactive e-learning modules, and scenario-based case studies.

With a commitment of about one hour, the module offers bite-sized, flexible activities suited to your schedule. Don't let outdated practices and compliance-focused training hold your organization back. Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to navigate the CDD journey effectively. Gain actionable insights, identify potential risks, and reinforce CDD messaging to help ensure compliance while delivering exceptional customer service.

Embrace the power of effective CDD processes and help propel your institution to the forefront of the financial industry. Let's build a future of trust, excellence, and financial crime prevention together.

Embark on a transformative journey to tackle bribery and corruption head-on with the KPMG Financial Crime Academy. Developed to empower employees at various levels, this detailed learning experience enhances ethical decision-making and strengthens prevention capabilities organization wide. Suitable for employees at all levels, the module raises awareness of their role in preventing bribery and corruption through relatable case studies and interactive scenarios. By investing time in this module, learners can gain actionable insights, help identify risk indicators, reduce complacency, strengthen prevention capabilities, and foster ongoing development.

The module covers topics such as the definition and forms of bribery and corruption, their impacts, risk indicators, ethical behavior, and prevention strategies. Engaging learning materials include impactful videos, interactive PDFs, e-learning modules, virtual classroom sessions, reflection activities, scenario-based quizzes, and open discussion groups. With a flexible delivery approach, the module fits into busy work schedules and empowers learners to create a culture that openly addresses risks and safeguards their organizations from bribery and corruption.

Empower your organization and equip your team with the necessary knowledge and tools to prevent bribery and corruption fostering a culture of integrity and complacency. Together, let's shape a future built on trust and transparency.

Unlock the knowledge and strategies to tackle fraud head-on with KPMG Financial Crime Academy's detailed learning module. With the threat environment increasing in complexity for companies around the globe, it is crucial for companies to address the increasing risks of fraud. This module is specifically designed to equip employees at all levels with strong foundations in identifying, mitigating, and reporting fraudulent activities within their organizations. By enrolling in this module, you can gain actionable insights into fraud, identify potential risk indicators, and develop the skills to effectively combat fraud. From understanding the various types of fraud and their impacts to exploring the fraud triangle and ethical behavior, this course covers essential topics that empower you to make a difference. Through relatable case studies and interactive scenarios, you will experience real-life decision-making and grasp the significance of your role in preventing fraud.

The module is delivered in a flexible and engaging manner, allowing you to integrate learning into your busy work schedules. By investing your time in this module, you can contribute to the ongoing development and growth of your team while promoting higher levels of retention and behavioral change. Embark on this transformative learning journey, featuring impactful videos, interactive PDFs, animated video podcasts, e-learning modules, virtual classroom sessions, and reflection activities. The estimated duration of the module is three hours, spread across seven engaging learning activities.

Join the KPMG Financial Crime Academy to enhance your understanding of fraud, mitigate risks, and actively safeguard your organization against future fraudulent activities. Take charge today and become a vital force in the fight against fraud.

Unlock the knowledge and skills to address the pressing issue of modern slavery and human trafficking with the KPMG Financial Crime Academy. This advanced learning module aims to equip employees at various levels with strong foundations in identifying, mitigating, and reporting potential instances of modern slavery. By investing your time in this module, you can gain actionable insights into financial crime related to modern slavery and human trafficking, its prevalence and impact, regulatory considerations, risk indicators, and reporting mechanisms.

The learning is designed to be flexible, engaging, and easily integrated into busy work schedules. It goes beyond compliance-based training and focuses on relatable case studies and interactive scenarios to immerse learners in real-life decision-making and the consequences of their actions. By building capabilities among internal teams, businesses can effectively detect and prevent modern slavery and human trafficking, aligning with best practices and mitigating reputational risks.

Play an active role in enhancing your understanding of modern slavery, strengthening your ability to combat it, and contributing to a more ethical and responsible business environment. With a commitment of approximately 3 hours, including face-to-face classroom-based content, this module provides a detailed and practical learning experience. Together, let's strive to create a world free from exploitation.

Unlock the power to safeguard your organization against financial crime by enrolling in the KPMG Financial Crime Academy. Don't just settle for awareness — transform your behavior and become an instrumental force in combatting financial crime within your organization. Take charge of your professional development and join the ranks of industry leaders who have honed their expertise through the KPMG Financial Crime Academy.

Reach out to a dedicated KPMG professionals to learn more about this transformative program and help pave the way to a more secure future. Together, let's fortify your defenses and safeguard against financial crime.

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