Controlling access to online resources is a foundational tenant of strong cyber security. As businesses are becoming increasingly customer-centric and employee-centric, identity and access management (IAM) has evolved and become a major priority for modern enterprises to support the workforce and its customers. Once viewed as an operational back-office issue, IAM is now gaining board-level visibility due to numerous high-level breaches that have occurred due to organizations' failure to manage and control user access effectively.

An evolving regulatory landscape has further elevated the importance of IAM. For enterprises, the proliferation of cloud, social and mobile services have rendered the traditional firewall increasingly obsolete. Collaborative business relationships have also caused organizations to manage an increasing scope concerning contingent labor and key business partners' identities. Workforce identity has become key to enforcing access controls and enabling secure collaboration. Robotic process automation has added another dimension to workforce identity where robots execute a task on behalf of humans.

For the customer, digital identity is becoming a critical customer experience differentiator. As customers seek user-friendly, personalized and accessible experiences, organizations are elevating their external-facing digital identity management approach beyond security compliance — transforming how to deliver value to customers and business partners, with enhanced speed, agility, and competitiveness.

Our IAM services

KPMG firms help organizations with IAM services spanning assessment, strategy, implementation, and operations to help establish machines and humans' digital identity and their lifecycles with enterprises. These services are designed to provide a governance framework for digital identities and allow organizations to make intelligent, risk-based decisions about who is allowed to access which information assets, when and in what context.

The potential end-user and business benefits include enhanced digital identity insights for actionable security and experience, reduced operational costs resulting from streamlined provisioning of access, lowered or single sign-on capabilities, and simple, usable authentication mechanisms to decrease engagement threshold.

As the digital transformation of business models has gathered pace, identity and access management (IAM) has evolved into two broader fields, consumer identity and access management (CIAM) and enterprise identity and access management (EIAM), due to their diverse functions and requirements.

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Enterprise identity and access management (IAM)

An organization should provide its workforce (employees, contractors and business partners) with the required access to securely enable business operations and collaboration.

Enterprise IAM covers the identity and access management for the modern workforce — focusing on compliance, risk, governance, security, privacy, workforce lifecycle management, and operational efficiency.
Our services include:

  • IAM assessment, strategy, roadmap and architecture
  • IAM governance and operating model development
  • IAM solution evaluation, selection and implementation
  • Identity analytics
  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Access governance
  • SSO and access management
  • High-value managed services

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Customer identity and access management (CIAM)

CIAM focuses on business opportunity, growth, and identifying customer preferences to respond with relevant, timely, highly personalized experiences.

CIAM helps identify the customer and the supporting ecosystem, including partners, across the relationship life cycle of acquisition, engagement, service consumption, and support, while enabling insights into customer behaviors, leading to more personalized customer experience. Our services include:

  • CIAM assessment, strategy, roadmap and architecture
  • CIAM governance and operating model development
  • CIAM solution evaluation, selection and implementation
  • Data store, data access and data exchange
  • Customer privacy and preference management
  • Identity lifecycle management
  • SSO and access management
  • Identity analytics
  • High-valued managed Services


KPMG firms can offer a global, multidisciplinary view of risk, with strong alliance relationships with leading IAM vendors, KPMG professionals can help organizations to re-evaluate how workforce and customer identities are managed to enable the business and reduce risk.

KPMG firms can offer these insights, because we bring an uncommon combination of strengths — technological expertise, in-depth business knowledge and creative professionals who are passionate about protecting and building your business.

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