Rapid digital acceleration. Shifting consumer behaviors. Extraordinary events caused by a pandemic. All have helped to intensify a prioritized focus on enhancing ways of working and customer experience. 

As organizations create new business models to compete in an ever-changing environment, the need to deliver seamless customer experiences is transforming the front and middle office. Such change includes dismantling departmental siloes that house pockets of data to create one single unified, view of the customer. This singular view provides a record for customer engagement, interactions, preferences, and most importantly, insights on where and how to best serve the customer across every channel, platform, device and touchpoint. 

Customer relationship management software (CRM) lies at the very heart of this matter. As often the system of record for your customer, CRM centralizes customer data within an organization and provides the critical insights needed to drive customer engagement and enhance customer experience. Such insights are made possible by unifying CRM systems throughout the front and middle office. 

This paper explores the growing urgency to unify the front and middle office by deploying CRM to help enhance customer experience, improve performance and fine-tune operations. It will explore how to operationalize modern CRM, recognize the challenges and potential benefits of doing so, and take a closer look at what good looks like as organizations move forward. 

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