For customers, virtual experiences became the norm during COVID-19 and digital holdouts, who previously shopped by in-person experiences only, migrated into the digital crowd. As health and safety became top priorities, the pandemic not only created more virtual customer interactions but steepened digital adoption curves underpinned by these quickly shifting mindsets and behaviors.

As such, organizations realize they need to continue digitizing their operations while protecting and prioritizing revenue growth and improving customer experiences to meet evolving expectations. At the same time, ongoing market uncertainty keeps cost optimization top of mind for executives, as pressures mount to make every investment dollar count. Organizations are fully aware of the need to create exceptional customer experiences to drive loyalty and compete in the new reality, but at what cost to the business?

In this paper, we’ll explore how the unfolding digital landscape and ongoing market uncertainty will likely continue to influence customer behaviors and impact businesses. We’ll highlight how mastering CX economics in the new reality can help organizations deliver quality customer experiences and drive profitable return on investments at a time when it’s needed most.

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