As companies navigate the next normal and grapple with the lingering effects of the pandemic, enterprise risk management (ERM) has risen to the top of the agenda of management and the board. ERM has become a necessity to help organizations better understand and proactively integrate risk and opportunities into everything they do. In order to achieve this successfully, they should rethink the mandate and attributes of the ERM function. The industry has taken great leaps towards ramping-up their risk management capabilities, while seeking new ways for the risk function to continuously bring value to the organizations and its stakeholders.

Driving the risk agenda

This report explores evaluate how pension and sovereign funds around the world are advancing and shaping their risk management practices to their existing and future business needs, objectives, and the ever-evolving risk landscape.

  • Most organizations (89%) have an integrated risk function for both investment and non-investment risks
  • 79% have appointed a Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
  • The majority (96%) have formally defined risk oversight responsibilities at management and the board level

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