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Previous Global Indirect Tax Webcasts

Future of Indirect Taxes - Looking Ahead

Webcast 1

This first webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast looked at global trends in indirect taxes and aimed to predict the future of indirect taxes to 2025.

This session provided an opportunity to identify the changes, trends and future directions for indirect taxes, allowing your businesses to steer course, set strategies and be better prepared to deal with changes as they arise. The session also aimed to help give you a better understanding of how your own jurisdictions are leading or following these indirect tax trends.

Presenters included: Lachlan Wolfers, Global Head of Indirect Taxes, KPMG International and Lennert Janssen, Senior Manager, KPMG in China.

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Key Contact

Lachlan Wolfers
Global Head of Indirect Tax Services, KPMG International

Data and Indirect Tax

Webcast 2 

The second webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast series looked at indirect taxes and data.

This session provided viewers with an opportunity to understand how technology is transforming businesses from an Indirect Tax perspective, as well as shared high-level insights into tax technology.

Presenters included: Niren Saldanha, GITS leader, KPMG in the US, Alexander Zegers, GITS leader, KPMG in the Netherlands and Reece Duncan, Senior Manager, KPMG in the UK.

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Navigating the EU VAT roadmap from 2020 to 2025

Webcast 3

This third webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast series discussed how the EU’s VAT system will likely change between 2020 and 2025, during which time many of the measures contemplated in the European Commission’s Action Plan on VAT take effect.

A large part of the session was dedicated to the VAT e-commerce changes coming into effect in 2021. We also discussed how the VAT Quick Fixes which took effect in January 2020 are settling, before looking ahead to forthcoming changes, including new VAT reporting requirements for Payment Service Providers (2024) and VAT simplifications for Small and Medium Enterprises (2025). We also touched on the studies currently being undertaken by the Commission which may feed into legislative reforms the in future, as well as the proposal for a Definitive VAT Regime.

The purpose of this session was to help you get an understanding of what the changes are or might be, and more importantly what businesses need to do to be better prepared.

Presenters included: David Duffy, Partner, KPMG in Ireland and Member of the EU’s VAT Expert Group, and Andy van Esdonk, KPMG Meijburg & Co in the Netherlands.

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Indirect Tax Compliance in a Tax Reimagined World

Webcast 4

This fourth webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast series discussed global trends and recent developments associated with indirect tax compliance requirements.

In recent years, many jurisdictions have seen a significant rise in the application of digital tax reporting in various forms, such as e-invoicing and real-time reporting. We discussed these indirect tax compliance requirements, challenges that businesses may face in a world with more digital reporting, as well as discussed potential solutions to these challenges.

The purpose of this session was to help you better understand indirect tax compliance management as well as support you in reimagining your tax function of the future.

Presenters included: Alec Percival, Partner, KPMG Global Services Hungary, Karen Witton, Partner, KPMG in UK, Maria Catala, Associate Director, KPMG in Malaysia (Seconded from KPMG Global Services Hungary)

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The Global Trade Landscape and Indirect Tax

Webcast 5

This fifth webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast series took a closer look at the developments, challenges, and top-of-mind matters affecting today’s global trade and supply chain landscape.

Throughout this session, presenters touched on customs duty deferments, cash saving opportunities, refunds and other forms of incentives, all while sharing their valuable insights on supply chain planning and management from a customs perspective.

Presenters included: Doug Zuvich, Head of Global Trade & Customs, KPMG International, and Partner, KPMG in the US; Gabriel Kurt, EMEA Leader and Head of Trade and Customs Services, KPMG in Germany and Stephane Chasseloup, Head of Trade and Customs Services, KPMG in France

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Managing cross border indirect taxes in the digital economy

Webcast 6

The sixth webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast series provided practical guidance for managing global Value Added Taxes (VAT) and Goods and Services Taxes (GST) in an evolving tax landscape and explored what lies ahead in consumption based taxation for the digital economy.

The digitization of business models has led to businesses creating new digital products and/or entering new markets. Managing the indirect tax obligations arising from these business models, across largely un-harmonized indirect tax regimes, is a challenge regardless of your business’s size or access to resources. During this session, indirect tax representatives from KPMG member firms and Airbnb explored key trends and updates across the EU, LATAM and APAC, including in relation to the implementation of digital services VAT/GST rules and the forthcoming VAT changes for e-commerce sales in the EU. The session also highlighted how tax technology and compliance solutions can alleviate some of the challenges.

We were pleased to be joined by Erich Tschopp, Director, Global Indirect Tax at Airbnb and business advisor to the OECD Working Party 9 and 10. Erich shared his views on the trends in cross border indirect taxation, data sharing and the role of platforms in the digital economy.

Presenters included: Kate Law, Principal International Indirect Tax at KPMG in the US; Erich Tschopp, Director Global Indirect Tax at Airbnb; Tom Hudson, Director International Indirect Tax at KPMG in the US; Lennert Janssen, Senior Manager Indirect Tax at KPMG Meijburg & Co.; Alexander Zegers, Director Tax Technology at KPMG Meijburg & Co and Maria Catala, Senior Manager at KPMG Global Services – Lead Indirect Tax Compliance Delivery Centre Asia Pacific

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Managing Indirect Taxes in the Financial sector

Webcast 7

This seventh webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast series took a closer look at the key challenges businesses are facing in the Financial Services (FS) sector when managing their global indirect tax position.

Throughout this session, representatives from KPMG member firms and Macquarie, explored various challenges businesses face in FS indirect taxation and illustrated the importance of collaboration across tax disciplines to meet the requirements of increasingly connected tax authorities.

Sections include:

5 VAT Truths Universally Acknowledged – territoriality, tax policy, technology, training and transfer pricing

Pride and Prejudice – will/should Financial Services be exempt from VAT forever?

Sense and Sensibility – VAT grouping – scanning the Skandia horizon – will it ever "Finnish"?

Persuasion – navigating the choppy waters of governance and controversy

Presenters included:

Peter Dylewski, Global Leader Financial Services Indirect Taxation, KPMG International and Associate Partner, KPMG in the UK, Marcelo Alencar, Partner, KPMG in Brazil, Simon Proulx, Partner, Indirect Tax, KPMG in Canada, Fiona Yu, Director, KPMG China, Nancy Schanda, Partner, Indirect Tax, KPMG in Germany, Niels Wenting, Manager, KPMG in the Netherlands, Amanda Brown, Partner, Legal Services, KPMG in the UK and Richard Murray, Partner, Transfer Pricing Services, KPMG in the UK

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Environmental Taxes - Driving Green Behavior

Webcast 8

The eighth webcast in our Global Indirect Tax Services (GITS) webcast series provided an overview of environmental tax policy developments.

Throughout this session, representatives from KPMG firms discussed environmental tax criteria and explored three case studies:

1. The European Union’s consultation on a proposed trade-related Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

2. China's VAT refund policy for incentivizing environmentally 'green' exports 

3. Transport Mobility - Economic modelling to estimate impacts of Environmental taxes 

Presenters included: 

  • Warwick Ryan, Leader of the Virtual Center of Excellence (VCOE) for Excise and Environmental Taxes, KPMG International
  • Barbara Bell, Director, Environmental Taxes, KPMG in the UK
  • Lucy Lin, Senior Manager, Indirect Tax at KPMG China
  • Mike Hayes, Global Head of Renewables, KPMG International and National Sector Leader, Renewables & Sustainability, KPMG in Ireland

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