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Designed to combat aggressive tax planning, the EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime (DAC6) creates significant new tax governance obligations for organizations operating across borders. With particular relevance for financial services businesses, local implementations of the rules continue to be actively monitored by potentially impacted groups as they seek to understand the practical impacts in the way they operate globally. With draft legislation now available in most EU jurisdictions one can argue that the direction of travel is becoming clearer. However, what is also apparent is that there will be significant complexity as member states take different detailed approaches.

This webcast explored insights on the latest developments of this far reaching legislation, highlighting key themes and potential areas of difficulty. With a particular focus on how the rules may apply to banks, insurers, asset managers, and other financial services businesses, we also took a closer look at country reactions to the draft legislation, and steps that multinational institutions may wish to consider to address the practical issues arising - including through the use of technology solutions.

Presenters included:

  • Mark Semple (Financial Services Tax, KPMG in the UK) 
  • Heiko Podeyn (Financial Services Tax, KPMG in Germany)
  • Peter Grant (Operational Taxes, KPMG in the UK)
  • Raluca Enache (KPMG EU Tax Center, KPMG in the Netherlands)
  • Marcel Tschatsch (Financial Services Tax, KPMG in Germany).

Watch the replay here. 

Download the presentation here.


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