Sterlite Power: Covering every angle

Sterlite Power: Covering every angle

Lessons from Group CEO Pratik Agarwal on their ‘no stone unturned’ approach to planning and reporting.

High-voltage power transmission towers in sunset sky background

Sterlite Power is a leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider, operating in India and Brazil.

As Group CEO Pratik Agarwal explains, the market Sterlite operates in places huge pressures on project performance. “When you consider the increasing need for access to reliable power, and the rapid development of renewable generation capacity, it becomes clear that transmission projects must be commissioned in a fraction of the usual project schedules.”

When it comes to planning and reporting, Sterlite leaves no stone unturned to ensure a robust approach. “We go beyond the classic internal measures of time-cost-quality and factor in external dimensions such as impact on the community and environment,” continues Mr. Agarwal. “Our project plan takes into account the 4 Cs of community, culture, customs and conservation so that there are no surprises during execution stage. This kind of attention to detail at the planning stage and use of innovative technologies helps ensure fast commissioning of our projects, setting us apart from other players.”

Data analytics is a key factor throughout the project life cycle — all the way from bidding for projects to planning and execution. And the company has invested heavily in every angle of digitization with its fully automated and integrated Sterlite Planning and Execution Excellence solution, known as SPEX. All key processes are digitized, involving every stakeholder including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partners, planning, design engineering, quality, operations and right-of-way (ROW) teams.

According to Pratik Agarwal: “This revolutionary platform brings complete transparency to the system, saving time, improving productivity and efficiency and driving excellence. We’ve automated systems like document management and vendor payments and have 24/7 visibility including live-streaming straight from the project site. We can easily track costs, progress and quality, health and safety, with superb analytics and dashboards for project teams, EPC contractors and their teams.”

Sterlite’s SPEX solution has had a major impact on planning and execution, helping the company take data-informed decisions in real time and avoid cost and schedule slippage. And, by maintaining a library of historical data from past projects — along with regular insights from partners — project leaders can understand trends, predict changing scenarios, mitigate risk, establish sound control interventions and bid more intelligently for future work.

Power transmission projects by nature tend to be large, and Mr. Agarwal feels that the company’s approach to megaprojects is particularly thorough. “We carry out extensive surveys aided by technology such as LiDAR (to make topographical surveys) before the bidding process starts, to get a feel for the skills and knowledge required. And we build a mini organization, teaming up with people who’ve had experience of working in similar projects as well as local people who understand the community and cultural sensitivities. And we combine the strengths of man and machine with the use of helicranes and drones for faster execution. We carry out partner onboarding and governance using digital platforms to ensure transparency and efficiency. Through these methods, we have been able to maintain an industry-leading track record not only in execution speed, but also in safety.”

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