Global Construction Survey 2019

Global Construction Survey 2019

The 2019 construction and engineering index measuring three pillars of future-ready companies.

The 2019 construction and engineering index.

Future-Ready Index: Leaders and followers in the engineering & construction industry

Is your organization future ready? The Global Construction Survey 2019 benchmarks how prepared companies are for a highly competitive and unpredictable future, segmenting the industry’s players into three percentiles:

  • Top 20 percent: Innovative leaders
  • Middle 60 percent: Followers
  • Bottom 20 percent: Behind the curve

The survey – which has been running annually since 2005 – features the perspectives of senior executives from 223 engineering & construction companies and project owners from a variety of industries. Our index is based upon their responses to questions covering governance and controls, innovation and technology, and people.

You can also complete a simple self-assessment tool to compare your organization with peers, providing a reference point for enhancing your capital program road maps. To help you on this journey, our value map considers the potential gains from investing in different technologies, while a strategic road map plots a path to future-readiness.

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