Integrated care brings together the different groups involved in patient care so that, from the patient's perspective, the services delivered are consistent and coordinated. Too often, providers focus on single episodes of treatment, rather than the patient's overall well-being. By taking a more comprehensive approach, integrated care offers patients higher-quality, more efficient care that better meets their needs. In many cases, the increased efficiency also helps control costs.

Every transformation is unique. KPMG's Care System Redesign (CSR) global proposition focuses on how models of care are designed, paid for and provided across a defined geographical area. The core purpose of this proposition is to help our clients transform health and care systems to achieve a triple aim; improved health outcomes for a local population, improved quality of care and lower costs.

Our approach helps our clients design new integrated networks and models of care that meet the needs of the local population. We also work with our clients to help them understand how these can be implemented pragmatically and affordably to drive improvement goals and achieve better health, better care, and better value.

There are nine key traits that describe “what good looks like” for an integrated care network/system.

Integrated Care Network Framework

CSR Integrated care network framework - Infographic

KPMG’s Nine Trait Maturity Assessment:

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