Extraordinary advances in technology are poised to dramatically transform the “traditional workforce.” As the pace and scope of change escalate, today’s forward-looking business leaders must address critical question: What will my workforce – and business – look like as skilled employees and smart machines begin working together?

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, machine learning and cognitive platforms is at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and organizations in every industry need to explore and understand the advancing integration of humans and machines in the workplace. AI will create a new division of labor between bots and bosses – and success will demand the transformation of traditional workforce management and skills acquisition. 

As business leaders grapple with today’s pressing – and unprecedented – challenges, we provide key insights and learnings that consider aspects of the current environment and intelligent solutions for success, including:

  • Exploring the emerging impact of AI and related digital technology on the workforce and what it means for leadership and workforce management;
  • Defining a strategic roadmap for organizations seeking clarity on the dramatic impact that AI deployment is likely to exert throughout their workforces.
  • Sharing revealing lessons we’ve witnessed firsthand during workforce-shaping initiatives involving clients, KPMG and our recent Workforce of the Future projects.