IFRS 17 – CSM allocation: What’s the issue?

IFRS 17 – CSM allocation: What’s the issue?

Predicting the impact of IFRS 17 on earnings


In the third podcast of the series, Joachim Kölschbach, Mary H. Trussell and Bryce Ehrhardt look at the issue of CSM allocation under the new insurance contracts standard.        

“How to treat the CSM is creating a lot of noise – in terms of implementation questions – in the insurance market right now as insurers work out what IFRS 17 means for their business.”

Mary H. Trussell
Global Insurance Change Lead Partner


“The Board’s outcome does seem sensible for direct participating contracts as it is consistent with how IFRS 17 identifies and accounts for these contracts. But a problem pops up if investment-related services are not reflected in CSM allocation for any other insurance contracts.”

Joachim Kölschbach
Global IFRS insurance leader


“To be frank, insurers can’t necessarily begin preparing their investors for what their bottom line’s going to look like when they don’t know it themselves...”

Bryce Ehrhardt
Senior Manager, ISG


A full transcript (PDF 130 KB) of this episode is also available. Our IFRS – Insurance  topic page offers a wide range of materials that will help you transition to the new standard, whatever stage you're at. 

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