What Works: Partnerships, networks and alliances

What Works: Partnerships, networks and alliances

Based on two years of extensive research into healthcare consolidation from around the world, this report reveals, “healthcare with a purpose” – the intersection of improved service quality and cost effectiveness.


Partnerships, networks and alliances are now essential to realizing cost- effective, high-quality and sustainable healthcare. As hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world struggle to address growing volumes of patients, reduce per capita costs, and improve the patient experience of quality and satisfaction, consolidation in healthcare has accelerated significantly in the past decade and will now to be necessary to achieve sustainability, regardless of location.

What Works - Partnerships, networks and alliances is based on two years of extensive research into healthcare consolidation, and examines the pitfalls and success factors of partnership, network and alliance (PNA) projects from around the world.

The report goes further than simply making the case for healthcare collaboration and identifies real world best practices that are required to ensure successful PNAs. Whether the healthcare convergence is driven by the need to better manage business processes or to foster growth in new markets, the report highlights six practical tips - such as focusing on quality over size or money, the need for strong payer-provider alliances, the role of flexibility in decision-making and the importance of expanding beyond original business missions – that together help organizations realize long-term success.

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