KPMG LINK Global Equity Tracker

KPMG LINK Global Equity Tracker

Global Equity Tracker is a tool to help manage the compliance obligations associated with the delivery of incentive compensation to employees.

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The combination of greater employee mobility and an increasing focus on performance-based incentive compensation creates real compliance challenges for your company.

KPMG LINK Global Equity Tracker can help track, report and manage these compliance obligations while reducing complexity and providing consistency, accuracy and transparency. 

Tool benefits

Commitment to automation: Unmatched country and plan coverage, functionality, configurability, flexibility, and continual investment in system enhancements.

End-to-end management: From data collection through to output of results, your company will benefit from clarity and total process support.

Scalability: You can be up and running quickly no matter what you currently do or the size of your global footprint. 

Did you know?

Your company can save substantial time and money while managing a complicated global process quickly and easily. And by facilitating understanding, you can ensure execution while providing clarity to employees. KPMG’s commitment to automation means that you will always remain current.

For more information on this technology or to receive a live demonstration, please email us-taxgmstechsupport.

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