KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager

KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager

KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager is a tool that helps streamline and simplify your mobility management.

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Whether small, large, centralized or decentralized, businesses need the right people in the right place at the right time.

KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager (LINK Enterprise) streamlines and simplifies your mobility management by providing an end-to-end process and data management solution with integrated workflow and robust reporting functionality.

Tool benefits

Pre-assignment: Before an international assignment your company can better prepare for and manage tax and payroll issues, compensation incentives and assignment structuring.

During assignment: Facilitate the global payroll and tax compliance process and manage the administrative side of the move to keep costs down and ensure all issues are quickly and efficiently addressed.

Post assignment: Once an assignment is finished, monitor and report on the many various post-assignment activities and transactions.

Did you know?

KPMG LINK Enterprise Assignment Manager has been in operation since 1999 and is now used to manage assignments for over 100 multinational companies. This maturity is continually updated with latest tax and legislative changes leveraged from KPMG’s worldwide network of firms.

For more information on this technology or to receive a live demonstration, please email us-taxgmstechsupport.


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