R&D incentives: adding value across ASPAC

R&D incentives: adding value across ASPAC

In the latest 2020 edition of the KPMG Asia Pacific (ASPAC) R&D Incentive guide we explore the emerging economic strength of the Asia Pacific region in which more companies are now making it a priority to do business in the area and, in many cases, are creating regional hubs. However, the diversity and complexity of the region poses many challenges for international businesses, especially the operation of the region’s various tax and regulatory systems.

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In this latest edition some of the significant developments have been in the following countries, regions and jurisdictions:

  • Australia – Refundable tax offset (cash) refund up to 43.5% of eligible R&D expenses for small companies if in tax losses
  • China – Reduced Corporate Income Tax (CIT) rate of 15 percent for High-New-Technology Enterprises (HNTEs)
  • Hong Kong (SAR), China - 300 percent super deduction (for the first HK$2 million) and 200 percent super deduction (for amounts exceeding HK$2 million) for qualifying expenditure (type B)
  • New Zealand - 15 percent tax credit on eligible expenditure between NZD50,000 and NZD120 million
  • Singapore - Immediate and enhanced tax deductions available for activities all along the innovation value chain, from R&D to IP activities
  • South Korea - Expansion of benefits for medium-sized enterprises compared to large companies
  • Sri Lanka - Up to double tax deduction on R&D expenses under the new Inland Revenue Act, No. 24 of 2017

With the pace of change accelerating R&D incentives continue to evolve and mature in an ever changing complex environment. Encouraging R&D and innovation activities has become a major priority for many countries, regions and jurisdictions. Through enhanced tax deductions for qualifying R&D Expenditure and various incentives available, it has shown that the greater investment in these areas can pay off for many R&D activities.   

In our latest report we outline these enhancements in tabular form to illustrate the R&D benefits for each country in the ASPAC region. This report also highlights related matters companies should consider when determining the best location for R&D activities.

A full comprehensive ‘country by country’ report of the R&D incentive schemes in each ASPAC country is available upon request. Please contact your local ASPAC Service line leader. 

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