Daniel Page

Head of Asset Management Advisory

KPMG in Ireland

Dan Page is Head of Asset Management Advisory with KPMG Ireland. Dan is a senior advisory professional with more than 20 years capital markets experience and has provided services to a wide range of clients including international banks, asset managers, single and multi-family offices and a broad variety of funds.

Dan has worked on both sides of the investor coin; as such, he is well placed to understand the pressures that both new and existing managers face throughout the full lifecycle of their enterprise risk management.

His previous roles were at Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs and he was also Managing Director of Swiss-based Bedrock RealTime, part of the Swiss Asset Management Group, Bedrock.

His remit at KPMG focuses on the development of the advisory practice which serves those who manage and invest in hedge funds and other alternative investments.

In addition he works in a transactional capacity with corporate finance where he is a deal maker for financial services.

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  • Transformation
  • Chartered MSCI

  • Financial services

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