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As governments and economies alike recover from the devastating impacts of COVID-19, many are turning to foreign direct investments (FDIs) for help. Pitchbooks play a crucial role in attracting FDIs by providing an overview of the characteristics of your region that distinguishes it from others as a smart investment, catering to a potential investor's perspective.

Investors want to know that they are investing in a place with high potential for return, and when you pitch your region, it is important for investors to feel confident they are making an educated decision. While information should always be tailored to individual stakeholders, pitchbooks can serve as an effective, generic tool to convey market insights and characteristics while keeping the business or sector within which the investor is operating in view.

Highlight key differentiators through a strong value proposition

To retain the attention of investors in a crowded and competitive landscape, the pitchbook should summarize key information in a relevant, clear, distinct, and succinct manner. An impactful value proposition demonstrates the potential benefit and opportunity for growth within your region and articulates key messages quickly and effectively. Having this upfront can also help set the organization or jurisdiction apart from its competing regions.

Engage the audience with a unique visual identity

Another crucial component of a compelling narrative is the visual identity and design of a pitchbook. By effectively using images, icons, and graphics, combined with captivating titles and taglines, the report can highlight the value proposition in an eye-catching manner. When done correctly, this can make the document easier (and more enjoyable) to read and spotlight the key messages for potential investors.

Demonstrate your region’s potential and highlight success

Stand-out pitchbooks typically leverage comparative data substantiated by global benchmarks and rankings, effectively validating the interests of potential investors by spotlighting success stories and positive experiences of other players within your region. Focusing on the unique aspects of the investment attraction journey and building further interest through interactive links and action-oriented language, pitchbooks cannot only enhance interest from new investors but can also entice existing ones to increase their contributions within your region.

How can KPMG professionals help

Pitchbooks are a terrific way to get investors' attention, but it is only the first step in the investment journey. If you are considering developing a pitchbook for your region or have already started the process but require some assistance, reach out to [contact] for more information. KPMG firms can offer a holistic set of approaches to support your economic growth needs with capabilities ranging from strategic communications to financial modelling. KPMG professionals can help you drive meaningful potential benefits across your enterprise, whether by implementing a full-scale transformation or targeted improvements. KPMG firms’ Economic growth are here to provide strategic advice and guidance on some leading practices to help enhance the power of this tool in attracting investment.

Toolkit for building an effective pitchbook

  • Guiding principles

    • Who is the target audience?

    • How is the information conveyed?

    • How is the report utilized to further investment attraction efforts for the jurisdiction?

    • Context

      • What sections/themes are covered in the report?

      • What indicators, incentive programs and sectors are highlighted?

      • Is the report focused on data/ information or telling a compelling narrative? What information is included to support this?

      • Visual identity

        • How is the report designed? How does the layout enable information to be effectively conveyed to the target audience?

        • Does the visual identity support the proposed value proposition / brand of the region? If so, how?

        • How are icons, symbols, images used to convey compelling information clearly?

        • Differentiators

          • Does the report further the region’s brand / value proposition? If so, how?

          • What unique visual elements are used to convey a compelling narrative / information?

          • How does the report further a ‘call to action’ (i.e., enticing investors to contact officials / learn more)?