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To what extent will Generative AI see the automation of more creative roles, as well as routine ones? And what will it actually mean for the UK’s labour market – and economic growth?

Our experts got together with our academic partners at the University of Cambridge to put together a quantitative estimate of the possible impact. 

Key findings

  • 40 per cent of UK jobs could see some impact from Generative AI with 2.5 per cent of all tasks affected.
  • Around half of the displacement will be offset by the creation of new tasks linked to managing the new technology within the affected jobs.
  • This could add £31 billion of GDP to the UK economy in the next decade.

For our full findings and analysis of the impact of Generative AI, please read our new report. It covers:

  • The impact of Generative AI on the labour force
  • The task and occupational impacts
  • The impact on productivity and economic output
  • The wider social and economic implications

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