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We know that building a fast-growing tech business comes with its own set of challenges. In order to move fast, Founders require a very different type of support, one that keeps them in the driving seat, but helps them cut risk like an enterprise.

KPMG Private Enterprise Access is a 12-month programme specifically designed for fast growing, ambitious and high potential businesses, focused on three key pillars:

  1. Access business fundamentals: How can you keep your processes and controls agile so they can grow as your business grows?
  2. Access your growth ambition: How can you connect with the right funding opportunities and gain access – on your own terms?
  3. Access new connections: How can you access the right people, opportunities, and networks to help make breaking new ground easier?

If you are an ambitious business looking to supercharge your growth, with the right foundations of support – we want to hear from you!

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The programme roadmap

Phase 1

Access business fundamentals

Phase 2

Access your growth ambition

Phase 3

Access new connections

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Access business fundamentals

  • Welcome & Launch Event
  • Strategy to Action
  • KPMG Law
  • Cyber Strategy
  • Sector roundtable
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Access your growth ambition

  • Planning for Growth
  • Fundraising
  • People and Talent
  • Sector roundtable
  • International Expansion
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Access new connections

  • Governance Building Boards
  • Sector roundtable
  • ESG workshop
  • Leadership & Resilience
  • Exit planning session
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Access your vision

KPE Access is a 12-month programme that brings together the next Emerging Giants of business. Each cohort includes fast-growing start-ups from across the UK, all with the credentials, drive and ambition to take their business to the next level.

What does the programme include?

KPE Access has been designed to support start-ups through the most exciting, and critical phase of their journey. Providing them with unprecedented access to the experience, knowledge, and resources that KPMG can offer – both UK wide and globally. Cohorts will also have access to our extensive network of corporates, plus gain valuable insights from dedicated and friendly contacts.

KPE Access combines the expertise of our Emerging Giants team, who work daily with start-ups and scale-ups, with the expertise and networks from our sector and capability teams. As a KPE Access cohort, you’ll receive bespoke support, tailor-made to the relevant needs of your business, including:

  • A dedicated cohort lead who will live and breathe your business, get to know your CEO and senior management team, and assist with strategic introductions.
  • A series of masterclasses and roundtable talks, business fundamentals support (incl. tax planning, growth and exit planning, governance and building boards, international growth etc); industry and sector insight; and first-hand insights from Founders who have grown and scaled their own businesses.
  • An online community where you can share experiences and collaborate with each other – KPMG Beyond.

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Who is it for?

This 12-month programme is specifically for fast growing and highly ambitious businesses that want to move fast, but with the confidence of an enterprise.

Businesses on this programme will be scaling rapidly, looking to raise their first major investment, and preparing to lay the right foundations to turbocharge their growth. Cohorts will work together as a group with a dedicated KPMG lead, who will support and help accelerate development in key areas, relevant to the challenges and opportunities in the UK economy.

Is your business ready?

  • Is your turnover £1,000,000 and/or have you raised minimum £1,000,000 and looking to raise again in next 12 months?
  • Is your team growing fast?
  • Are you starting to, or do you do, businesses overseas?
  • Are you ambitious and looking to scale? Do you have rapid growth plans – at least 20% year on year growth?
  • Do you want to work with a global professional services firm to support your ambitious growth plan?

We want to hear from you!

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What support will I get?

KPMG has been working with and supporting businesses to grow for 150 years. Our Emerging Giants team gives you access to the combined technical knowledge and first-hand experience of experts across our networks. KPMG Private Enterprise Access is a shared investment between you and us.

Upon joining one of our cohort groups, you will receive a range of support which will include the following:

  • A dedicated cohort lead who will be your day-to-day contact with KPMG allowing you to maximise the value from the Programme;
  • A launch event where you will meet the rest of your cohort and the Emerging Giants team who will be supporting you throughout your journey;
  • A quarterly ‘One to One’ session with your cohort lead to help you to identify key business ‘hot-spots’ and introductions to relevant technical teams to support your ambitions;
  • Invitation to masterclasses, curated networking and roundtable sessions with KPMG, and external guests throughout the programme. Refer to the programme roadmap above.
  • A graduation event at the end of the 12-month journey with your fellow cohort members.
  • Access to KPMG Beyond – a digital platform designed to help you build powerful connections, access the latest curated insights and network with peers.

You will get practical, deployable advice and insights from a wide range of KPMG experts and scale-up industry veterans. In addition, you will create a strong peer network, all focused on rapidly scaling their businesses. ‘Access’ doesn’t end on graduation, as alumni you will continue the relationships you have built, and continue to receive content, event invitations, and advice.

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What is my commitment?

Upon joining one of our cohort groups we will require you to:

  • Adhere to all requests around non-disclosure of confidential or commercially sensitive information whilst participating in group sessions.
  • Make all reasonable endeavors to attend cohort masterclasses and events – to support your other cohort members, your business, and to help build a community of future tech titans.
  • Be an active participant in group sessions, sharing experiences, and asking questions.
  • Be available to fully commit to the programme – both the in-person events, and the online masterclasses. The programme details for each bespoke cohort will be shared by your cohort lead.

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How do I sign up?

It is really quite straight forward, register your interest using this link and we’ll be in touch.

Following an initial conversation, we will decide if Access is a good fit for you and your business and set the wheels in motion to get you onboarded to our cohort.

While others might look to take equity in your business, or charge a fee for participation in a programme, we don’t want to do that. We want you to keep control of what you’ve built, whilst we explore how KPMG can work with a future tech titan.

This is an exciting opportunity for both of us!

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KPE Access Cohorts

Female founders

Female founders

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Adam Dickinson

“Since REZZIL joined KPE Access we have been welcomed into the KPMG family, even speaking to all 16,000 KPMG UK colleagues at an event! My cohort lead has taken the time to get to know our business very well, and they have made relevant introductions. The monthly masterclasses allow us to learn and assess where we need to focus our energy for scaling the business. We have experienced a local and intimate service yet the benefits of Global reach.”

Adam Dickinson
Co-founder, REZZIL
Cohort member

Elizabeth Huthman

“KPMG is dedicated to supporting our Emerging Giants clients, and when it comes to Cyber Strategy it’s never too early to start work on this. I have enjoyed working with the Access clients, sharing tips and insights, and supporting the cohorts to consider and develop their own cyber strategy plans.”

Elizabeth Huthman,
Director – Cyber Security,
KPMG in the UK
Cohort speaker

Arjun Sofat

“I’ve gained access to, and built relationships with KPMG experts from the retail, legal, and tax teams and many more. In addition to the insights gained from the masterclasses, I have found having a key point of contact, my cohort lead, very helpful. We have collaborated on Free Soul’s growth strategy while being able to receive invaluable feedback on it from the legal, corporate finance, and sector teams. I have also been introduced to external parties who are keen to support Free Soul’s growth.”

Arjun Sofat,
CEO and Founder,
Free Soul
Cohort member

Fiona Thomas

“I find it inspiring to have the opportunity to get to know exciting Future of Health businesses, and be able to support them. I was delighted to host a lunch with the cohort to learn about their businesses, share my insights, and foster introductions to support their growth. Innovation in this sector is key to solving existing and future challenges, our Emerging Giant clients are well placed to do this and it’s my pleasure to play a small part in their journey.”

Fiona Thomas
Chief Medical Officer,
KPMG in the UK
Cohort speaker

Meeting the Emerging Giants team

The Emerging Giants Centre of Excellence brings focus to the fastest growing, most ambitious and high potential businesses who need a different type of support. We understand the challenges that you may face as you grow and scale your business and have a network of support available to help you reach your future ambitions.

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