Maximize the business value of your SAP investment

We help you future-proof and maximize the value of your investment in SAP. With deep understanding in areas such as tax, finance, risk, compliance, sustainability, cloud services, technology, and data, KPMG offers tailored solutions adapted to your organization and your needs. This enables higher efficiency, innovation and growth.

KPMG offers a comprehensive approach to your SAP journey, guiding you through everything from implementation, quality assurance, and configuration, to support and optimization of solutions. Through our sector expertise, we secure your long-term competitiveness by supporting you and your organization in adapting to shifts and market trends.

Our teams consist of experienced consultants with expertise in both business and technology. With a strong Nordic presence and close collaboration with our Global SAP teams, we can ensure we offer the right solutions for you. 

Our SAP services

SAP enabled transformation

Companies need efficient and automated processes to be successful in the future and to gain competitive advantages. KPMG drives transformations across finance, procurement, sales and supply chain, enabled by the implementation of SAP S/4HANA. With KPMG Powered Enterprise, we provide tools and methods for adopting leading practices and driving business adoption.

SAP Change Management

KPMG provides comprehensive change management services for organizations to help navigate and implement change in processes, systems, and people. The approach consists of comprehensive analysis, risk assessments and change strategies tailored to the specific needs of your organization and is data-driven to measure the success of initiatives ensuring your users' adoption of new digital technologies. 

SAP Program Assurance

KPMG supports your transformation project with an independent and objective (second) opinion. Using global framework and SAP program experience, we can be your critical friend to mitigate risks and assure that you achieve the goals of your transformation program.

SAP Consulting

KPMG supports process owners, project teams and complements technical system implementors to deliver a transformation that achieves the target benefits – on-time and on-budget. From determining your SAP technology roadmap options, to provide SAP program management or specialized expertise and experience in your workstreams. 

Enterprise Architecture

KPMG brings extensive integration architecture experience to your SAP S/4HANA transformation program. To help you realize your most optimal target SAP architecture. Our experts evaluate your existing architecture and provide a roadmap and action plan based on better practices with the objective to support you in your transformation.

Data Management

KPMG offers solutions to help companies effectively manage their data, automate routine tasks, and improve the quality of their data. This enables companies to make better informed business decisions and drive growth. KPMG also supports migrations, the development of Data & Analytics (D&A) and AI, and the monetization of data in SAP systems.


We have expertise in both sustainability and SAP, which enables customized solutions and guidance to maximize the impact of your sustainability initiatives. S/4HANA can facilitate your sustainability initiatives by integrating data to optimize monitoring, processes, risk management and to increase engagement. KPMG can help your organization by demonstrating SAP's various sustainability functions, and further guide your functions on how to work in SAP as a strategic sustainability tool.

SAP Cloud transformation

Whether your organization is considering moving to cloud or are already embarking on the journey to upgrade to cloud through SAP RISE, we know how to maximize business value with our experience and expertise locally, across the Nordic region, and globally. We support you on the journey and ensure a smooth transition to cloud.

Transformation with KPMG Powered Enterprise

How it works

Powered is KPMG's unique approach to transforming and creating greater value for your organization. Powered consists of a set of solutions that help you deeply transform your business functions and are designed to quickly arrive at best practices.

With KPMG Powered, you drive sustainable change and avoid many of the pitfalls that can come with traditional methods of digital transformation.