Rewards and Benefits

Rewards and Benefits

We help our clients implement competitive compensation and benefits programmes.

We help our clients implement competitive compensation and benefits programmes.

We help our clients implement competitive compensation and benefits programmes.

Here are some of our activities and insights with respect to rewards and benefits:


  • We conduct remuneration surveys for the financial and non-financial sectors

    More than 25 years’ expertise in remuneration surveys

    Our remuneration surveys provide you with detailed information on salaries, bonuses, pension plans, company cars, and much more in Luxembourg’s financial and non-financial sectors.

    What’s included?

    Equipped with this survey, you gain access to (1) hard data to consult before you make strategic or everyday HR decisions, (2) industry benchmarks for remuneration and fringe benefits for most (if not all) of the roles in your organisation, (3) concrete knowledge of whether you’re competitive with the best market practices, and (4) an indicator of your progress in adopting new HR management processes. Read more


  • We perform remuneration reviews and benchmarking analyses

    We analyse and review your existing remuneration packages (fixed salaries, variable components, fringe benefits, incentive plans, etc.) as well as all the associated criteria and factors affecting salary reviews and promotions.

    Is my company competitive on the market?

    Through benchmarking analyses, we can help you identify gaps in your organisation’s remuneration packages in order to set up competitive advantages with regards to your competitors or your industry as a whole.

    Our teams assist you in defining the scope of the concerned job positions and of the organisations that would be relevant for the benchmark exercise. On this basis, a detailed analysis is performed to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current practices, and recommendations are provided to make your company an employer of choice.


  • We define remuneration policies in line with regulatory requirements

    A growing regulatory framework

    Our teams help you write and review your remuneration policies to ensure their compliance with Luxembourg and EU regulatory requirements (CRD IV, UCITs V, AIFMD, etc.).


  • We help you define and implement a flexible reward plan

    Happy employees, happy company

    While employees may look more favourably on some fringe benefits than others, all can play their part in helping recruit and retain talent. This is especially true in difficult economic circumstances, when base and bonus pay can be squeezed and alternative compensation becomes a must.

    Employees want flexibility and companies want to offer benefits recognised at fair value. We can help you design a rewards package that fits your employees’ lifestyles.


  • We help you define and implement tax and social security efficient reward plans with the assistance of our GMS colleagues. Read more

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