Outsourcing and Shared Services

Outsourcing and Shared Services

Helping our clients to benefit through outsourcing and shared services.

Helping our clients to benefit through outsourcing.

Driven by the desire to reduce costs, gain greater access to qualified talent, harmonize processes, control risk / compliance and focus more on core competencies, companies have turned to shared services and outsourcing as mean of gaining enhanced competitiveness.

The Shared services and outsourcing delivery model can enable organisations to compete more effectively by transforming their internal operations through:

  • Centralizing non-core functions to achieve economies of scale
  • Harmonizing processes to create standardized procedures
  • Managing your talents more effectively to align skill sets
  • Reducing internal ongoing operating costs
  • Leveraging technology investments

KPMG assists clients in all stages and functional areas of shared services and outsourcing.

While shared services provides excellent business opportunities and advantages, it brings with it additional business risks. Our multidisciplinary team can help our clients sort through tax, regulatory, accounting, and technology risk management, as well as other issues within Shared Services.

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