Banking Risk

Banking Risk

KPMG’s professionals advise on risk, financial engineering, prudential regulation such as CRD IV/CRR and the supervisory review.

KPMG’s professionals advise on risk, financial engineering,...

Increasing global concerns about financial risk

How KPMG can help

KPMG offers a broad ranging financial risk management service. We help banks identify, assess, manage, report and limit the risks they face.

Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing. In this climate, banks of all kinds and sizes want robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.

KPMG’s Financial Risk Management professionals work with financial institutions to attain these objectives.

In our firms’ work with clients we highlight concerns and help improve processes, governance and strategy across a range of matters, including:

  • credit risk measurement and management
  • operational risk measurement and management
  • market and liquidity risks
  • economic capital management
  • capital adequacy & regulatory reporting
  • regulatory services related to prudential regulation
  • actuarial services & financial statement support (IFRS)
  • commodity & energy risk management
  • financial instruments accounting and valuation
  • Basel III (CRD IV/ CRR) transformation
  • quantitative evaluation and management of portfolio risks
  • financial engineering
  • risk management in transactions
  • finance and treasury management and transformation
  • asset management advisory

KPMG’s Financial Risk Management professionals aim to provide consistent, cost-effective and high-quality service through:

We are trusted risk management advisers to the boards and executive teams of many financial institutions. We truly believe that the best long-term partnership is based on commitment and passion to deliver excellence in everything we do.

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