Solve critical strategic issues through deep market insight, rigorous financial expertise and implementation know-how.

Solve critical strategic issues through deep market insight, rigorous financial...

Our clients value our fresh industry insights, operational experience and technical skills to grow, enter new markets, create new business models and business plans, commercialise, and deal with financial challenges, as well as our M&A advice through the M&A cycle.

Leveraging our global network of functional specialists and in-market sector expertise, we bring to bear the full capability of KPMG in providing investor grade, pragmatic advice on critical commercial questions, such as:

  • What are the most attractive ways to grow revenue and improve margin?
  • Which new business models and vehicles can generate value quickly?
  • Which target should we acquire or venture to accelerate growth, and what is the synergy it will generate?
  • Is our operating model and cost structure aligned to strategy, and is it scalable?
  • Do we have the right portfolio of businesses, assets and capabilities, or do we need to acquire/build/divest?

Our capabilities fall into three broad categories:

Business Strategy

We leverage up-to-date market insight from a variety of different lenses to identify growth opportunities, develop superior business positioning, and to put human, physical and financial capital to work.

Operational strategy

We work with clients to help answer vital questions around operating model, pricing and performance visibility so that corporate objectives, strategy and operations are aligned and connected.

Deal strategy

By combining market and transactional expertise, we can provide assurance and advice on key transaction issues to help clients to originate deals, identify potential targets or partners, and to generate or protect value through acquisition, joint ventures or disposals.

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