Sven Muehlenbrock

Partner, Advisory, Head of Regulatory & Risk Consulting

KPMG in Luxembourg


As the global landscape rapidly evolves, corporates around the world are questioning if they are sufficiently aware of, equipped for and protected against the risks arising from the changing environment. Corporates are seeking robust risk management setups to boost their organizational readiness and response given today’s growing risk realities. Additionally, corporates are trying to make even better use of sound risk management by fusing it with firm-wide performance management for holistic steering during stormy times.

KPMG’s risk management professionals work with corporate clients to attain these objectives. We are trusted advisers to the boards and executive teams of many financial institutions, leveraging our financial and non-financial risk expertise to deliver optimal value to our clients.

Our range of services are tailor-made to fit our clients’ business models and needs while considering the industry’s particular challenges and demands:

  • risk awareness (including risk management trainings and workshops for all levels, e.g. board, c-suite, management, etc.)
  • risk culture building
  • risk strategy and appetite frameworks and statements
  • risk embedded financial planning
  • risk digitization
  • incident management and process control
  • financial risk management including treasury management
  • risk management related financial accounting topics (e.g. IFRS 9)
  • cyber risk and IT risk assessment frameworks
  • risk policies and procedures
  • business continuity and crisis management plans
  • entity-level risk assessment (covering internal and external risks)
  • enterprise risk and performance measurement
  • industry risk reports
  • risk reporting mechanism

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Sven Muehlenbrock
Partner, Head of Risk Advisory