Electronic archiving (PSDC)

Electronic archiving (PSDC)

Document Management and Electronic Archiving are essential parts of the digital transformation, which is a strategic target by all industry sectors.

Document Management and Electronic Archiving are essential to the digital transformation.

In today’s fast-moving digitized economy, the need for companies to digitally convert and store their physical documents safely and efficiently — while ensuring they retain their legal value — is growing in urgency.

E-archiving offers a myriad of benefits beyond going paperless to avoid unintentional loss or destruction. It also allows businesses to harness indexation and optical character recognition (OCR) to quickly and holistically meet customer demand and gain efficiency in a competitive world.

E-archiving also plays a vital role in ensuring enhanced security and document compliance.

As organizations worldwide engage with new ways of working, data retention and efficient information disclosure will gain significant importance, whether for regulatory or legal reasons.

KPMG can manage your organization’s archiving processes for both physical and digital documents throughout their lifecycle. We can seamlessly replace your existing solution by maintaining your data structure when migrating it to the new infrastructure.

Our service is PSDC-DC certified, meaning the documents we handle retain the same legal value as the original document. Our tailored support includes:

  • designing and implementing a unified classification system to formalize filing and research
  • performing current state analysis and business case preparation for process digitization
  • archiving digital documents with probative value
  • digitalizing business processes
  • an outsourced digital mailroom/scanning office with probative value, either on-premises or remotely supported
  • a document management platform
  • a secured and managed file transfer platform
  • an integrated electronic signature solution

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