Electronic Archiving

Electronic Archiving

Document Management and Electronic Archiving are essential parts of the digital transformation, which is a strategic target by all industry sectors.

Document Management and Electronic Archiving are essential to the digital transformation.

Electronic Archiving

Information, no matter how it is initially produced or collected, is becoming an increasingly valuable asset for organisations today, while simultaneously the requirements to archive information are becoming more complex.

Finding an efficient approach to archiving information across all material aspects of its lifecycle – from its creation to its defined destruction – is a challenge. At the same time, the need to establish such an efficient approach is essential, with benefits in cost cutting and organisational performance being paramount.

Challenges such as keeping pace with technology, managing, establishing and maintenance costs, and data security and safety must be faced successfully.

However, there are opportunities, which our team of specialists can help you seize:

First, physical archives are dematerialised and redundant, and electronic archiving helps reduce duplicated data/information throughout the company.

Second, productivity can be improved by providing efficient processes and instant access to information from anywhere, even from mobile devices.

Third, electronic archiving can help to reduce risks such as changing regulatory requirements and the disclosure of confidential records, and can furthermore enhance the security layer of information by easily enforcing security policies and logging.

Furthermore, companies using an electronic archive in combination with a built-in workflow engine can react to new products, processes, and requirements with more agility.

We at Document Management/Electronic Archiving Services employ an integrated holistic approach in order to identify information and the related internal, legal, and regulatory requirements, then select technology and apply it. Covering the full information lifecycle, KPMG offers tailor-made solutions for each client. KPMG can help you simplify processes. Our technical experience and close relationship to relevant suppliers will enable us to successfully integrate and/or improve your company’s e-archiving.

The following is a list of our various services:

  • Providing individualised solutions for you across the complete range of business (managed services) such as data capture, classification, dematerialisation, processing, analysis, and archiving up through final destruction
  • Establishing a strategic approach including assessments of potential sourcing scenarios for parts of, or the full chain of, document management/electronic archiving, and setting out the minimum requirements for the electronic archiving
  • Defining, establishing, and implementing operational and technical processes and procedures, including conversion of existing records, management solutions, or paper archives
  • Implementing the electronic archiving system including operational set-up
  • Certifying electronic archiving processes and systems based on ISO27000 ISMS and/or ISAE3000 SOC; compliance with specific requirements or technical/organisational aspects

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