Data agent services

Data agent services

Expert data agent services for M&As, liquidations, and regulatory compliance, offering project management and data handling support.

Specialized data agent services for M&A, liquidation, and compliance, providing management

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and liquidations fall under the scope of a myriad of local and European regulations. When organizations undergo liquidations, wind down entities or transition to new business models, they must adequately archive and retain business data to comply with these legal and regulatory rules.

Handling information inquiries after M&As or wind-downs requires experts who can effectively tackle large data volumes and track shifting regulatory requirements.

Our team’s data management expertise across all industries can offer you:

  • project management for wind-down, M&A, or outsourcing activities
  • management support for entity closures
  • staff shortage support, such as for back-office functions
  • data agent request inventory and data documentation
  • data agent services to manage business data, related inquiries, and regulation changes after wind-downs
  • support with migrating and archiving electronic and physical data.

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