Corporate services

Corporate services

We provide corporate secretarial services to enable organisations to comply with legal and administrative obligations in Luxembourg.

We provide corporate secretarial services.

We can efficiently manage your corporate and statutory secretarial functions. Our services include:


Incorporation of Luxembourg companies, including the drafting of standard or tailor-made articles of incorporation, and co-ordination with the Public Notary and any stakeholders involved in the incorporation process (e.g. local banks and other financial professionals).


  • provision of a registered office for the company, creation and maintenance of a dedicated file and register
  • provision of a dedicated office space and assistance with setting up physical infrastructure, including setting up phone lines and network connections

Corporate services

  • establishment and update of shareholders’ and bondholders’ registers
  • assistance in convening, organising and holding of the board of directors’ meetings including the drawing-up of the minutes of the meetings
  • assistance in convening, organising and holding the annual general meeting of the shareholders approving the annual accounts
  • assistance in convening, organising and holding the extraordinary general meetings, as well as the related meetings of the board of directors/managers
  • assistance for the provision of part-time employees
  • follow-up and management of all correspondence sent to the company
  • provision of Luxembourg-resident directors, if required (if they are not KPMG employees)
  • provision of day-to-day corporate formalities in line with the Luxembourg law in force and follow-up on any legal formalities
  • communication with supervisory bodies, e.g. CSSF (commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier)
  • additional full range of services to the company in order to comply with local regulatory requirements and formalities (business licenses, etc.)

We place a premium on flexibility; our corporate secretarial services can be tailored to the unique needs of your organisation, irrespective of its type and size. We keep track of all legislative and regulatory developments, helping to minimise the risk that you may inadvertently breach a compliance or reporting obligation.

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