Increased competition has enforced organisations to set aggressive goals for software delivery. Organisations globally are adopting agile and lean processes to meet the timelines which call for business agility while simultaneously ensuring high quality software.

KPMG in India has been a front runner in digitalisation and provides a large number of services as Digital Test Center of Excellence (Digital TCoE).

KPMG in India’s quality assurance and testing through its business agility portfolio, is designed to help our clients realise agility and quality goals, by combining traditional assurance and testing methodologies with a contemporary quality approach.

The following services are provided under business agility portfolio:

Business Agility
  • Early test automation is worth every effort! It saves significant amount of time with improved collaboration of teams. The challenges can be daunting, however conventional benefits of automation being obvious - consistent, improved velocity and higher reliability, it is one of the more effective ways to build confidence earlier on in the development lifecycle. Adoption of early test automation as an integral activity in the overall development of any given software application or release immensely benefits the project in delivering a robust product with high client satisfaction.
  • New Age Testing: In this era of Digital Assurance, testing is being redefined with the role of AI and ML backed automated testing tools gaining ground. Applications can be tested with better-quality insight through Big Data- and AI-powered systems. Soon, we foresee the advent of self-healing automation scripts, automated test data generators, test scenario documentation and analysis to performance load model generations using AI and ML. Such breakthroughs in digital testing apart from saving time and efforts will certainly enhance customer experience, an end -goal of every business’ digital transformation strategy.
  • Connected Testing: We draw breath from a connected sphere. Testing of connected devices ensures seamless customer experience. Connected devices have grown far & wide across sectors, from industrial to personal applications. As we continue to thrive in a connected world, connected testing will be ubiquitous. KPMG in India will help ensure to see newer functionalities work in tandem across the spectrum - enhancing user experience and bridging connections
  • Quality in agile: KPMG in India follows an agile methodology providing continuous feedback from start to finish, with speed and value to customer. Agile is unquestionable on quality and hence we help ensure to deliver a fully functional, potentially shippable product increment every iteration. It is not just business/ process agility, it is the team that is also agile in identifying, learning, and adapting to testing methodologies required to test a story.
  • Accelerated quality solutions: Quality is paramount! No two entities can be alike, likewise our choice of testing service offerings carefully underlines the expected business outcome of an organisation. The use of software testing tools and resources such as reusable test artefacts, tool matrix, open- source and licensed tools provide for accelerated testing. Experience our speed with go-to-market solutions that can be used as accelerators.