Introduction to Learning & Development Philosophy at the Firm

Learning at KPMG is driven by a belief in a growth mindset. Our programmes are designed to help our people grow in an environment where learning is continuous, where curiosity is encouraged and where our people work with some of the best emerging practices and technologies to help gain an advantage for life.

Your career development milestones are mapped to a well-researched role-based learning map, from the time you join the organisation, through transition periods and throughout your career journey in the organisation. Our onboarding programme considers all the factors that will support our people with the technical skills to set them up for success.

Our learning and development programmes are delivered via globally acclaimed learning platforms, internal and external subject matter experts and in virtual and in-person formats. To further enhance the learning experience, we provide flexibility to earn external certifications and access to an Executive MBA programme from leading MBA institutes in India.

Our learning ecosystem continues to evolve in line with changes in technology and skill requirements, and we are very excited about continuing to offer some of the best learning options to all our people.

Learning & Development Initiatives at the Firm

Tie-up with a global platform that provides a destination for all the learning needs, access to 30+ global platforms, which are some of the best in class, to provide a top-notch user experience and personalised learner recommendations.

Continuous learning programme / education allowance: Encourage our people to leverage external certification programmes for deep skilling.

New leader journeys: Setting up our new leaders to succeed in their new roles through gamified, hybrid learning journeys.

Specialised skill programmes: These are tailored to practice requirements, that help our people with the skills required to deliver client expectations.

Campus onboarding: A holistic onboarding journey focused on equipping our campus hires with the business, technical and leadership skills that they need to succeed.

Learner Testimonials

Employee Stories:

Viral Bhavsar

Viral Bhavsar

The learning opportunities in the firm have encouraged me to pick up relevant courses and certifications. These courses have helped me gain professional expertise. I would highly recommend colleagues to avail the benefits of various learning opportunities that the firm offers.


Viral Bhavsar

Geeta Thakur

The firm’s dynamic approach to train professionals has given me a boost as a trainer. We’re committed to creating a learning experience that adds to our colleagues’ professional confidence and builds their individual career capital.

  • Total learning hours
    • 16,01, 827 hours
    • FY 23 – 24
  • Average learning hours
    • 79 hours
    • FY 23-24

We foster a culture of lifelong learning and enable learners to take ownership of their development by providing tools, training and support to allow our people to grow professionally and succeed.

"Come, learn for a lifetime, be the best version of yourself ”

Rohin Nadir
( Chief Learning Officer )