Better advice through bundled industry and market knowledge

In addition to professional expertise from the Audit, Tax and Advisory business areas, our clients also expect special industry and market knowledge from KPMG. That is why we have specialised according to economic segments and key markets. This is where the project experience of our specialists converges worldwide. In this way, we can provide our services even more efficiently and increase the quality of our advice.

We have specialised in key economic sectors across all areas, providing practical advice to family businesses, corporates, the state and the public sector as well as the financial sector. This consolidation of our expertise into five economic segments enables us to offer our knowledge to our clients in an even more targeted manner:

  • Corporates: For industry and commerce, the liberalisation and globalisation of markets present both opportunities and challenges. We help you take advantage of one and master the other.
  • Family businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises: Clarity for family businesses - the goals of the business and the owner family are inseparable. That's why we also look at business issues from the perspective of the family behind them.
  • Finance: Changing value chains, faster mergers and restructurings combined with increasing regulation - the finance industry is facing enormous tasks.
  • International Business: Your market entry in Germany and around the world. Our country specialists work together worldwide across sectors to provide you with the best possible support for your business activities in Germany and abroad with future-proof services and to successfully meet geopolitical challenges.
  • State and public sector: Multi-layered legal requirements, cost pressure, increasing social expectations with decreasing budgets - for state, public or non-profit institutions it is important to manage sustainably and to develop holistic concepts for the future.

Uniform standards in working practices worldwide

We are aware of our responsibility as an auditing and consulting firm. That is why we set high standards for ourselves: in maintaining independence and objectivity, in ensuring the validity of accounting for the benefit of the capital markets, and in our working methodology. Through regular quality reviews, we promote uniform quality standards, also in KPMG member firms outside Germany.