Mobility is essential for our business. Our customer-orientation in our business generally requires a local presence. Our customers are always at the centre of everything we do. Our environmental footprint shows that this has an impact on the environment: more than 80 per cent of our total CO2 emissions are attributable to business trips (before the Covid-19 pandemic). We want to sensitise our employees with a variety of projects and communication measures and at the same time create greater incentives for sustainable mobility with specific offers.

Rail travel without emissions

We see a major lever in replacing domestic flights with rail travel in particular. Our employees have been travelling CO2-neutral on ICE and IC trains since 2009. We provide information about alternative connections within our booking system and also raise awareness of the fact that travelling times by train are often much more efficient than by plane.

Charging infrastructure for electric cars

By continuously expanding the charging infrastructure in our KPMG offices, we are supporting the commitment of our employees who are enthusiastic about e-mobility. At some KPMG locations, we already provide our employees with free green electricity to charge their vehicles during working hours. In this way, we enable them to drive climate-neutral cars - for business and pleasure.

Cycling for the environment and well-being

Since 2019, we have been offering our employees another attractive mobility option: bicycle leasing. Both normal bikes and e-bikes can be leased through our cooperation partner. This not only gives our employees the opportunity to get around for business and pleasure in an environmentally friendly way, but also to do something for their health at the same time.