"Climate change and environmental pollution are the existential challenges of our time. As a service provider, KPMG also uses natural resources and therefore has an impact on the environment and the climate - whether through energy and resource consumption, travelling to clients and the workplace or our supply chain. We see it as our duty to establish a programme for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance in all business areas and at all locations.

Our environmental policy is:

KPMG is committed to a sustainable future that provides good living conditions for present and future generations. That is why social, ecological and ethical criteria are an important part of our business decisions.

To this end, we adhere to the following principles:

  1. Our environmental performance should become better and better. We consciously manage all the environmental impacts of our business activities and provide the necessary information and resources for this purpose. Naturally, this means that we are fully aware of all the binding obligations that apply to us and always comply with them.
  2. KPMG wants to make a contribution to decarbonising the economy and limiting the rise in global temperatures. We pursue a consistent avoidance and reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions and also focus on the procurement of sustainable and climate-friendly products and services. We review our environmental performance and publish the results regularly.
  3. KPMG strives to apply the best and most innovative practices in environmental and climate issues and wants to play a leading role in the development of innovative solutions in our industry.
  4. We encourage our employees to act in an environmentally and climate-friendly manner and we also work with our suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain. We offer our customers professional and sustainable consulting and auditing services so that they can also optimise their environmental impact.
  5. The Executive Board of KPMG in Germany regularly reviews how well we implement this policy and fulfil the targets we have set ourselves.

All KPMG employees in Germany are required to comply with and implement the environmental policy.

Here you can find the PDF of our environmental policy.