At KPMG, we want to help shape the transition to a sustainable economy and society. That is why we consistently embed sustainability in our business activities. To this end, we have developed Our Impact Plan - the name of KPMG International's global sustainability strategy, which describes how we practise corporate responsibility. In the four areas of action Governance, People, Planet and Prosperity, we have set ourselves concrete commitments for our contribution to sustainable development in society.

For us as a company, sustainability has two closely interlinked dimensions: On the one hand, we are pursuing the goal of driving forward our own transformation into a more sustainable company. On the other hand, as a leading auditing and consulting firm, our range of services makes an important contribution to creating trust in society and making the economy more sustainable. As a Purpose Driven Transformation Partner, we support our clients with our technological and sustainable perspective in the market to transform their business and work towards a climate-neutral and social economic future.

The reporting of sustainability performance, the environmental management system and KPMG's social commitment are bundled in our sustainability management, which is led by the Head of Infrastructure/Head of Our Impact Plan and the Sustainability Officer. This is where measures are managed and implemented. As a staff unit within the CEO department, the sustainability team reports directly to the entire Executive Board.

Further information can be found in our current sustainability report.

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KPMG in Germany is a member of the nationwide Corporate Citizenship Network "Unternehmen: Aktiv im Gemeinwesen".