In addition to the professional expertise from the Audit, Tax and Advisory divisions, our clients also expect a high degree of in-depth industry knowledge from KPMG in order to provide efficient services and increase the quality of advice.

Sector-specific expertise 

For this reason, we have developed industry specialisation for key sectors of our economy. This interdisciplinary approach offers clients cross-divisional solutions to individual problems.

Interdisciplinary teams tailored to the client's needs

The experts in our sector networks work together in interdisciplinary teams as needed. This approach provides our clients with advisory strategies that transcend one business area, even for extremely complex issues. That is why a major bank is in just as good hands with us as a medium-sized software manufacturer.

Regional presence and global orientation

Despite globalisation, we remain close to our clients. This is already evident in the structure of our Executive Board in Germany: In each region, a regional board member is responsible for the multidisciplinary range of services.