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Think internationally. Act regionally.

With an economic output of more than 34 billion euros, the region of Eastern Bavaria has developed into an important economic area in the centre of Europe. Many traditional companies not only create jobs here, but also demonstrate their innovative strength on a daily basis.

In view of the serious upheavals that many industries are currently undergoing, many small and medium-sized enterprises are challenged to respond to changing business models with innovative answers. The digitalisation of processes is just as much a part of this as the issues of skills shortages and internationalisation.

Do you want to break new ground? We can work with you to determine your starting point. To this end, we offer assessments for many areas of the company, support in the evaluation of opportunities and risks and provide suitable benchmarks. So that you go in the right direction.

KPMG has been working in different industries for years. We know what moves traditional entrepreneurs and young SMEs. But we also know the requirements of the capital markets and the challenges of the public sector. Our enthusiasm for entrepreneurial performance and our commitment to the region in which we live are the basis for our excellent work on behalf of our clients. We work with you to find the best solutions at eye level. In doing so, we offer in-depth expert knowledge and innovative ideas to make the difference for you.

Today. For tomorrow. For the region.

Advice from a single source

Regionality connects

KPMG helps companies in Eastern Bavaria and Germany to tackle their challenges and solve them successfully. At our location in Regensburg, we have been serving our clients in Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate directly on site for 30 years.

With a growing local team of currently five auditors, ten tax advisors and three lawyers, we are there for you at short notice. For important issues, we regularly integrate specialists from other branches and countries into our local team. Flexibly by telephone, Skype or in person on site. Efficiently and according to your needs.

In Germany, we have the expertise of over 14,000 employees at our disposal. Worldwide, we can draw on the KPMG network of around 273,000 employees in 143 countries, easily and on demand. We are there for you wherever you need our support and in real time. Together with you, we master what is new territory for you, so that you can concentrate on your business. Our experts' in-depth specialist and industry knowledge gives our eventual clients security and orientation. And it encourages them to tackle necessary matters with determination. Because we don't just show companies business opportunities. We also support them in co-determining developments and achieving their growth targets. From a single source - from Regensburg.

KPMG in the region

Our local team:

  • 5 auditors
  • 10 tax consultants
  • 3 lawyers
  • 14 compliance experts