As a globally active company, we employ people with different biographical, cultural, personal and professional backgrounds. Our team reflects society and society reflects our team - only in this way can we work hand in hand with our colleagues, fellow human beings, clients and our environment.

At KPMG, diversity stands for a culture of mutual respect, regardless of age, disability, gender, sexual orientation and identity, ethnic or cultural origin and religion. We value our employees as unique personalities and benefit from their different experiences and life stories. 

Diversity as a result rather than a goal

Diversity and inclusion are not our goal, but the result of our mentality. Through open communication, we create space in our minds for new answers. 

Through the diversity of talents and characters, we learn from each other every day and discover new perspectives and solutions that we would never have come across on our own, or only much later. These new perspectives bring us fresh ideas and lead us to forward-looking innovations. In this way, diversity helps us to develop further every day.

We want to support our employees to be themselves and to bring their individuality into the team. We are convinced that diversity makes us unique, strong and attractive. 

Our diversity topics:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Cultural diversity
  • Work-life balance
  • Diversity of generations
  • Diversity of talents
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Gender equality
  • Social background


We are committed to creating a working environment in which talents and abilities can fully develop. To this end, we break down barriers in everyday working life and create individual opportunities to address the special needs of colleagues. 

A place for the diversity of talents

Everyone at KPMG brings their own biography to the team. Whether economics, computer science, biochemistry, medicine or social sciences - each discipline brings valuable perspectives. It is precisely this diversity that helps us to provide our diverse clients with custom-fit solutions for individual needs.

Equal opportunities

At KPMG, we value talent from every generation. We support all employees with special training and mentoring programmes. We also offer a wide range of professional development opportunities and development paths. In this way, we foster long-term talent and support our employees in their individual development throughout their careers.

The inclusion of people with disabilities is important to us. This concerns the design of the workplace as well as individual development, diverse support formats and the sensitisation of team colleagues and managers. In addition, our Borders?Go! network offers a platform for exchange and networking for all employees, with and without disabilities, in order to bring the topic of inclusion right to the forefront.

KPMG is a globally active company. Accordingly, our employees are also diverse. With these broad cultural and religious backgrounds, we are not only able to respond specifically to the wishes of our different clients - we also learn from each other and discover new perspectives and solutions. We promote cultural exchange among our employees and openness towards different cultures and religions. In addition, our Cosmopolitan network is committed to providing employees with a point of contact and a platform for exchange.

A special focus is on gender equality. We support women with specific training, coaching and mentoring programmes as well as various networking events. In addition, we pursue a variety of female leadership programmes within the company, in which employees are accompanied, advised and supported in their individual development by experienced colleagues. The women's networks KNOW and KNOW Young offer women a platform to exchange ideas on career and future topics from society, science and business and to actively help shape them. 

For us, equal opportunities also means opening up more opportunities for fathers in the area of family and thus promoting parental leave and part-time work for fathers. For us, equal opportunities for men and women go hand in hand with the compatibility of work and family. After all, we all have friends, family and are involved in our private and professional lives. That is why our programmes at KPMG support every employee in finding the right balance between family, work and leisure. First aid courses for small children are offered regularly and the parents' network forms regional exchange platforms for all parents.

In addition, KPMG offers external support. For example, there are cooperative arrangements with day-care centres at several locations. Emergency childcare and children's holiday programmes are available to our employees.

Through the cooperation with the awo lifebalance parents' service, we offer free advice and mediation of needs-based forms of care for children and relatives in need of care throughout Germany.

Sexual orientation is also part of our identity. To enable us all to be fully ourselves in the work context, KPMG creates an open environment that is characterised by acceptance towards all sexual and gender identities and ways of life. Diversity in this sense means that we can all report on our weekend or holiday without reservations and do not have to hide or hold back. Our PriDE@KPMG network regularly exchanges views on current LGBT*IQ topics and events and offers LGBT*IQ confidants for employees.

Our mentality as a consulting service

Facing up to cultural and demographic challenges means finding new forms of collaboration - both online and offline. How can the friction of a heterogeneous team be utilised for innovation? How can the diversity of your employees become a success factor for your company? We are happy to share our conviction of living diversity and inclusion always and everywhere with our customers and therefore offer consulting services on these topics. Get in touch with us.

In cooperation with KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH*, the contact person offers you support:

Dr Folke Werner

As COO Human Resources at KPMG Law, Folke Werner leads the strategic HR work at KPMG Law and is responsible for its continuous development. Please also feel free to contact him with any questions or comments you may have on KPMG Law's diversity offering.

* Legal services are provided by KPMG Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.